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1978-80, now, in-between, underneath, forging ahead, falling through

All along the grand avenue, winding through terraced streets and back towards town: mature trees, demolition-site racetracks, unexpected conversations.

You can still smell the cellar, the coal, her perfume as she knelt at the grate, and the smoke and bits of burning paper rushing up the chimney.

Losing your concrete grip, the tower flipped upside down for several, dizzying seconds and the world seesawed before righting itself again.

We have confidence in Merseyside, they said; in truth, things had already begun to go wrong.

Great hulks of high-tensile steel, emptied of tired men, waiting to be scrapped or to travel the world.

As restless as the river, leaning over railings into blooms of silt and blue-sky shadow, you cleanse your lungs with salt air and, finally, feel able to move again.

Originally written for Open Eye Gallery as exhibition wall texts © Laura Robertson 2020

See the exhibition from 2 December 2020 to March 2021, more info here

Tell It Like It Is: images by Ian Clegg and words by Laura Robertson.
Project funded, supported and championed by Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool, with huge thanks.