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A selection of over 100, previously unseen black and white images of Liverpool, taken between 1978-1980 by teenager Ian Clegg, using a battered Nikon camera and HP5 film.

See more at our ‘Tell It Like It Is’ exhibition at Open Eye Gallery, opening 2 December 2020 until March 2021 (free entry). 

Three lads on bikes, Maud Street and Elaine Street, L8, 1979

Princes Gate Hotel, L8, 1980 ︎

Princes Avenue, L8, 1980

Voelas Street, L8, 1979

‘Nasr Tairy Provisions’, Voelas Street, L8, 1979

Lad with stick, Croxteth Road, L8, 1980

Back yard, L8, 1979

Kids playing on Park Road, L8, 1980 ︎

Wheelie, Jolliffe Street (since demolished), L8, 1979

Looking out from L8 towards the Anglican Cathedral, 1979

Pilgrim Street, L1, 1980

‘No Future’, Button Street, L2, 1980

Probe Records, Rainford Gardens, L2, 1980

Boy in Ford Truck, Princes Park, L8, 1980 ︎

Tracey at St. John’s Beacon (Radio City Tower), L1, 1980

‘The End Of All Things Is At Hand’, Church Street, L1, 1980

Evertonian nuns, Church Street, L1, 1980

‘Unfair Dismissal’, The Transport and General Workers' Union (T&GWU), Marks and Spencer, Church Street, L1, 1980

Baltic Fleet Pub, Wapping, L1, 1979

Sailors, Wapping Docks, 1980

Hog dogs, Church Street, L1, 1980

Hulls of the Hudson Progress and Hudson Cavalier, Canning Docks, 1980

Pier Head and River Mersey, L3, 1980

Ferry, River Mersey, L3, 1980