Tell It Like It Is

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Acknowledgements and huge thanks

‘Tell It Like It Is’ has been funded (exhibition, research and development) by key partner Open Eye Gallery: a photography gallery and archive in Liverpool, established in 1977. Open Eye is taking a lead on socially engaged photography nationally. Bringing different voices, photographers and communities together, they establish projects where the collaborative process is just as important as the final product.

Workshop funding from Awesome Liverpool: £500, no-strings-attached mini-grants to cool projects that will make the world – and Liverpool – more Awesome!

Further learning and support from:
  • Writing on the Wall (WoW), a writing and literature organisation which hosts Liverpool’s longest running and nationally acclaimed literature festival
  • StoryLab skills training research initiative, which develops creative voices in pursuit of meaningful cultural contributions.

Tell It Like It Is: images by Ian Clegg and words by Laura Robertson.
Project funded, supported and championed by Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool, with huge thanks.